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More Advanced Functions

Want to add some more functionality to our scripts and functions?  Want your scripts to operate like the standard Powershell cmdlet’s, with the same Common Parameters?  Well you can, and it’s not difficult at all.  Read on to add these abilities to your scripts!

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Multithreading Powershell Scripts

In your scripting journey there will come a time that you have a script that is simply running too long. Perhaps you’re wanting to gather information hourly and the script is taking two hours to run. Maybe you’re a consultant and need a discovery script to run as fast as possible so you can get out of there? Whatever it is at some point you’ll consider multithreading. Powershell has this capability baked right into it using Powershell Jobs, but .Net has a way too, and initial testing shows it might be faster! Read on to see what I mean.

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