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A Practical Guide to GitHub for the PowerShell Scripter

When I first started dipping my fingers into the GitHub pool, it was because I really felt there was a need.  Version control was becoming an issue and having to re-write code I’d already perfected because of a glitch somewhere on the way–translation: accidentally deleting the wrong file–was something that just had to be addressed.  And, I think like a lot of PowerShell scripters, I soon started asking questions like:  WTF is this?  What is going on?  Who came up with this crap?  I’m no expert, but read on if you’re interested in learning how to use PowerShell and GitHub together.

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Extending the Active Directory Schema

Bit of a departure from my normal PowerShell-centric posts, I want to talk about extending the Active Directory schema.  There’s some really great information on the Internet for doing this, but there are some things to consider and none of that information seems to be in one place, and I wanted to bring it together here.

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Pebble and Vacation

You may or may not know that I recently purchased a Pebble, and while everything isn’t perfect with it I have really found myself enjoying it and wanted to write a bit about my experiences with it!  Read on, if you’re interested!

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Brave New World – Meraki Network Equipment

I don’t normally hawk equipment on this blog, but I have to rave a bit about Meraki network equipment.  These guys are game changers, so much so that Cisco felt compelled to buy them.  I just hope they don’t screw it up!  This is the future of networking equipment, and the template for every device you own.

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Major Outage at Work

Nothing quite like waking up in the morning and getting a notification that everything is down, and the kitchen sink is clogged too.

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The Surly Lab

One problem I’ve had for a while now is the lack of a good testing lab.  I’ve had a pretty nice server downstairs in the basement, and it was running VMware vSphere 4.1 with a couple of servers on it but then one day awhile back I decided to upgrade from a 2003 infrastructure to one based on 2008 R2 and that’s when things started to go bad.

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Busy Weeks

No post today for a couple of reasons.  Last two weeks have been remarkably busy, what with my backup server crashing 2 weeks ago (here) and then one of our ERP’s crashing last week–yes, we have two, don’t ask!–I just haven’t had time to work on my script projects.  It’s also been pretty quiet on the Spiceworks front so nothing really interesting coming across there.

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Random Thought Friday

Nothing much going on lately, well, except for…

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Of Mistakes and Modules

Recently I’ve been doing more with Powershell functions, and blissfully telling people to run the script and then the function is available to you.  This is great if you use a Powershell ISE, either the built in one or a third-party one like PowerGUI.  ISE’s will keep functions alive after you’ve run your script, which is a great feature while you’re testing a new script.  The shell, on the other hand, isn’t so forgiving.  Run it there and it loads into memory and as soon as the script finishes it promptly is DUMPED from memory.

Oops, sorry about that!

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Self inflicted pain – part 2

August 5th, 2010: the day I really began to wonder why I do this stuff to myself.

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