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Playing with Invoke-WebRequest – What is my IP Address?

Another script came through on Spiceworks here, and I liked the idea of it.  Not to mention I thought I could improve on it a bit using PowerShell.  It was also a good excuse to practice using Invoke-WebRequest which I haven’t had a lot of projects that use it!

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December 21, 2013 Posted by | PowerShell | , | 2 Comments

Making a Consistent Profile

Like a lot of administrators I work on a couple of different PC’s, and keeping my PowerShell profile the same on each machine is a bit of a pain.  I decided it was time to do something about that!  With these changes I can easily add to my profile and have that change happen on every PC I use!

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Mapping Printers

Normally I’m a big fan of using Group Policy to map printers and network drives, it’s just so much easier to use and configure and anyone can do it.  No extra scripting knowledge needed.  And it just works.  Simple is best.  But sometimes it doesn’t and you need to go to plan B.  Mapping printers at work turned into just that situation and here’s how I solved it.

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