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New Look and Feel

I finally decided to move my old website from a self hosted Microsoft SharePoint site to a hosted blog site. There just wasn’t any traffic on the old site to warrant keeping the service up all of the time, especially with Facebook taking over for family contact and picture postings.

I’m still going to keep this site up just for random posts, blogs, rants, etc. And, of course, just to drive everyone nuts it all gets tied together with Twitter & Facebook!  🙂


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Comments on Hyper-V

So I’m a regular over at and the debate often starts on the relative merits of the different virtualization hosts.

Inevitably Microsoft’s Hyper-V comes up and is compared to the others and voted just as good. I’m a big fan of VMware’s ESXi product and I’ve never seen nor read anything that would make me too interested to check out Microsoft’s Hyper-V.

But, the arguments continue (healthy ones, though). And then, one of the proponents for Hyper-V posts this: Killing/Ending a Hyper-V Virtual Machine that is Stuck.

The author, ChristopherO, is a great guy and wicked smart but sometimes people make arguments for me without me even trying!

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