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Ping Monitor

The other day I mentioned I was having a really bad day–that after being recognized turned into a really good day.  The reason it was though was because my shiny new firewall from Meraki was having all kinds of problems keeping a reliable site-to-site VPN with my co-host site.  The remote firewall was a Cisco ASA 5510 so you would have thought this wouldn’t be a problem!  But it was, and from it arose a need to create something that could monitor if my multiple subnets were routing properly.  The funny thing was I had recently helped another Spicehead with a similar script!  Now I needed it!

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PowerShell Hero

An unexpected honor came across my Twitter feed today!

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More With Google Maps

Had a great time creating the Out-LastEarthquake.ps1 script, but let’s face it, other than it’s cool factor it doesn’t have much use.  But what we do have is the framework for the ability to place markers on a Google Map, and there are definitely some uses for that.  I created a proof of concept script that shows just what you could do.

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Creating Google Maps with PowerShell

You know, it’s funny how projects sometimes grow from something very small and become something quite different.  This is a story about exactly that.

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