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New Module: PSSplunkSearch

As often happens when I’m doing my day to day job, I’m asked to start watching something. I go to the website of our app (in this case Splunk), type in the query and do the search. Have to do this 4 or 5 times throughout the day. I don’t know about you, but I find this really annoying. I’m not entirely sure why, but just typing something at the command line is just so much easier for me, better yet just writing a quick script with all my parameters in it and running it for a quick look. And hence, PSSplunkSearch is born–because spending 4-5 days writing a new module to complete a task I only had to do for one day is totally efficient, right?

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Purge List Items in SharePoint 2010

In August 2012 my company migrated to SharePoint 2010, and immediately ran into a problem. SharePoint 2010 has a limit on lists of 5000, and this is a pretty hard limit–it won’t even show the list items to the user if you’re over the threshold. Now, you could just go in and change the threshold to a much higher number but honestly, that completely defeats the whole purpose of the threshold which is there to improve list performance. Ideally, you want to delete items in the list until you’re under the threshold. ┬áHere’s how I did it.

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