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DFS Replication Monitor With History Upgrade 2.6

By far my most popular post is the DFS Replication Monitor With History script, so I like to revisit it every now and then and make sure I’m doing things the best way I know how.  Continue on to see about the new upgrade.

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DFS Monitor and International DateTimes

So the Surly Admin readership is growing by leaps and bounds. That’s right, we’re up to 3 now! And Garth gets two prizes, one for being #3 and the second for finding a bug in the DFS Monitor with History. His prize, you might ask? Getting to help me fix the bug, how exciting is that? Read on to find out.

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DFS Replication Monitoring

For the past two years I’ve been working, on and off, on a way to easily monitor my DFS replication tree. I just want to make sure backlogs aren’t getting stuck and so forth. The Microsoft tools are pretty unwieldy for this, by the way.  This sent me on the journey into DFS and how it works and how I can better monitor it.  Read on to see how it went!

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DFS Adventures

DFS, or dynamic file system, is a cool feature introduced in Windows 2000 that allows you to have a “virtual” file system.  Essentially, instead of using traditional methods of attaching to a server to get files you attach to a virtual name (the domain name) and then Windows will direct you to the proper server (all done in the background).  The nice thing about this is you can setup multiple servers so you’ll go to the nearest server to you that has a copy of those files.  Replication of the data is even included (could use some much better tools for monitoring that, but that’s another story).  As an administrator, this feature is fantastic because I can change servers in the background without users ever really seeing what I’m doing.

But sometimes, the tools can be a little frustrating.

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