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More on String Performance

Was reading another blog from Tome Tanasovski and he was doing a simple series on learning Powershell.  One of his suggestions was taking a large dictionary file and finding all of the five letter words and locating the Palindromes.  I thought this would be interesting, and another opportunity to look at performance and Powershell.

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November 1, 2012 Posted by | Powershell - Performance | , , | 3 Comments

Powershell and String Searches

I read somewhere that Powershell was built for reliability, not for performance and that’s really true.  I ran into this a lot on the DFS Monitor project, where running queries against 40,000 records in memory were taking 1.2 seconds or so.  But there are a few things we can do to improve performance if needed.  The simple fact is most chores you’ll be doing with Powershell will not run against these performance limitations and you’ll be more then happy with your scripts.

But an interesting thread on Spiceworks came up and really gave me the opportunity to test some things, and I thought I’d talk about it here.

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