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Count Unique OS’s Per vCenter

Saw a fun little challenge from The Ginger Ninja, here.  The idea was to use PowerCLI and find out how many unique OS’s you have on your Virtual Center server.  Of course, this requires you have a VMware environment, so for the rest of you–sorry!

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Report All Snapshots in Your VMware Environment

One of the fallouts of the outage I had this week (Read Here) was that my backups for that night were stopped. Since Veeam creates snapshots to do it’s backups those snapshots were left on the server. The next night another backup came in and created another snapshot, and the very next day…

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Discovery with Powershell – Script to Get Screenshots for VMs

In the IT world, Administrators love to debate which technology is better.  Mac vs. PC, Android vs iOS, you name it we’ve argued over it.  One that I’ve been seeing a lot of over the last few years is vbScript vs Powershell.  As you probably know, I stayed in the vbScript world for quite a while because it was a safe, known haven that suited me.  But then I came to Powershell, and learned how you can discover what’s going on in Powershell so easily.  This started with using a great Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) like PowerGUI or PowerShellPlus, but then I discovered a few other commands that helped me discover information about the objects I was working with.  Specifically Get-Member.  Read on to see how I recently used Get-Member to solve a problem.

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The Surly Lab

One problem I’ve had for a while now is the lack of a good testing lab.  I’ve had a pretty nice server downstairs in the basement, and it was running VMware vSphere 4.1 with a couple of servers on it but then one day awhile back I decided to upgrade from a 2003 infrastructure to one based on 2008 R2 and that’s when things started to go bad.

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Self inflicted pain

Nothing much worse in IT then server outage.  What is worse, is when you do it to yourself.  This is the sorry tale of August 5th, 2010 and how I inflicted a horrible day upon myself.  Unrelenting stress, fear of job, the whole nine yards.

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