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Something the Lord Made

Somehow, my wife and I got roped into a movie last night that kept us up until 1am.  It was an amazing film from HBO called “Something the Lord made“.  Really an amazing story that was written, and acted, well.

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DFS Adventures

DFS, or dynamic file system, is a cool feature introduced in Windows 2000 that allows you to have a “virtual” file system.  Essentially, instead of using traditional methods of attaching to a server to get files you attach to a virtual name (the domain name) and then Windows will direct you to the proper server (all done in the background).  The nice thing about this is you can setup multiple servers so you’ll go to the nearest server to you that has a copy of those files.  Replication of the data is even included (could use some much better tools for monitoring that, but that’s another story).  As an administrator, this feature is fantastic because I can change servers in the background without users ever really seeing what I’m doing.

But sometimes, the tools can be a little frustrating.

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