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Of Mistakes and Modules

Recently I’ve been doing more with Powershell functions, and blissfully telling people to run the script and then the function is available to you.  This is great if you use a Powershell ISE, either the built in one or a third-party one like PowerGUI.  ISE’s will keep functions alive after you’ve run your script, which is a great feature while you’re testing a new script.  The shell, on the other hand, isn’t so forgiving.  Run it there and it loads into memory and as soon as the script finishes it promptly is DUMPED from memory.

Oops, sorry about that!

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New Look and Feel

I finally decided to move my old website from a self hosted Microsoft SharePoint site to a hosted blog site. There just wasn’t any traffic on the old site to warrant keeping the service up all of the time, especially with Facebook taking over for family contact and picture postings.

I’m still going to keep this site up just for random posts, blogs, rants, etc. And, of course, just to drive everyone nuts it all gets tied together with Twitter & Facebook!  🙂

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