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Sysprep and LSASS

Oh, epic fail!

So Dell has a service for $60 a PC to load your image onto the PC at the factory.  Then you just unpack and plop on the desk.  Easy peesy.  Right?

So we built the image and got it all working, down to Office 2003 Resource Kit to automatically configure Outlook, etc.  Sysprep and save the CDKey and everything looks great.  We receive our 24 new PC’s and turn them on to a brief message from LSASS.EXE that the password does not match but before you can really read it it reboots and repeats.

A little Google research discovers that if you turn the PC on and start the mini-setup Wizard, but then power off will cause this error.  Which is exactly what accidentally happened before we shipped the hard drive off to Dell.

Now we have to rebuild the image and do everything manually, which is what we were trying to avoid.  <sigh>

Signed, fail


August 11, 2009 - Posted by | Technical

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